Hi there! I'm Aidan, the founder of Toomey Cochlear Pro (Cochlear Implant Blogger). I deliver content online for people interested in the world of cochlear implants and hearing loss.

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I can't wait to hear your story! Until then, here's mine, in a very small nutshell:

I am an avid travelling footballer, online teacher, and writer with a coffee and banana addiction. Historically, in 2001, I had a cochlear implant operation. My 3 cousins have also had operations and very recently my brother took the cochlear implant plunge. At the time, I remember feeling very alone and there wasn't much information that I could refer to online. Today this has changed and there is a wealth of information available.

But, it is my belief that there can never be too much information. For my family and I, our journeys have been very different but ultimately enlightening. We have learned so much and we have a lot to offer in terms of empathy and sharing our experiences. It is these journeys that have inspired me to write this blog.


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Photo by  Joshua Ness  on  Unsplash