Deaf backpacker's Cochlear Implant processor and hearing aids, worth $15,000 stolen

A deaf backpacker's cochlear implant processor and hearing aids, worth about $15,000, have been stolen from the Hot and Cold Pools near Rotorua.

Julia Ofele, a 23-year-old German futsal player, took off her devices to go swimming but the bag they were in was stolen.

She was left with nothing but the bikini she was wearing, her towel and her GoPro, which had fallen out of her bag.

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Editor comments:-

This is such a tough situation and very bad luck for Julia. You can prepare for every eventuality when travelling but it is not always enough. I've included a link to important information for travelling purposes:- 
Top 15 Cochlear Implant essentials for the long-distance backpacker

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