Thank you for your interest in a partnership with Cochlear Implant Life!  This is a blog for people interested in the world of Cochlear Implants and hearing loss. It is published by full-time writer and freelancer, Aidan Toomey.

If you need a writer, please do contact us.

When you advertise with Cochlear Implant, you reach an audience across the globe. This blog has an association with everything in our society. For example, we introduce stories around:-

Cochlear Implant Life - Work with Us!

Cochlear Implant Life - Work with Us!

  • Education

  • Arts and Culture

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  • Current Affairs

  • Travel

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  • Sports.

The list of what we can blog is endless.

Here are the partnership opportunities you can take with us ....

  • Public speaking: Do you need a guest speaker for an event relevant to our work?

  • Advice and information meetings: Face to face and Skype meetings.

  • Social media campaigns: Cochlear Implant Life can help to promote your product/s further.

  • Brand ambassadorship: Our professionalism and dedication means that we are ideal brand ambassadors.

  • Reviews: We can write reviews, on request, which are relevant to our site.

  • Advertising: Cochlear Implant allows advertising. We have dedicated website space for advertising banners and logos.

  • PR promotion: We accept press trip invitations relevant to our work.

  • Providing content: We write content and produce photography.

This list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us about how we can work together.